Sunday, June 3, 2012

no love at first bite

So Avery turned 8 months last week..Ah...which makes her 5 months adjusted age. We we planning on starting her on solids closer to 6 months, but she was showing some signs that maybe she would be interested sooner so we thought why not give it a try. I'll let the photos (and captions) speak for themselves. These pictures were taking during our 1st attempt. Tonight we had round 2 and she was MUCH more receptive. Now I need to figure out where we go from here because we haven't had the easiest time we feedings thus far...
Let's do this!
Wait, stop, what is that thing. 
Not too sure about it. 
This face says it all. 
Let me try. 
It is much more fun when I do it. 

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  1. One of Britta's favorite first foods was sweet potatoes. Just cut up and steam them and puree them. Yum!