Sunday, May 20, 2012

insert foot in mouth...literally.

So this picture pretty much sums up our weekend...
Yea, it was that awesome. I mean, we didn't really do anything awesome, but in general the time I had with Avery this weekend was above and beyond!
On Thursday Avery's physical therapist told us that her abdominal muscles on the right side of her body were not contracting, making it more difficult for her to do things that require core muscles. You know, like everything. So with all hands on deck we've started her on some ab workouts and imagine my surprise on Saturday morning when she pulled her little legs right up to her mouth to chew on her foot! And then even more surprise when I walked in to the room after laying her on the chair to nap only to find she had scooted her little body and was dangling head first off the edge. And totally in awe when she rolled over from her back to her belly and back. Not just once, but several times! Turns out that if you tell my baby girl she can't do something, she takes that as a challenge to prove you wrong. I can only imagine where that sort of outlook will get her in life...
So here I sit on Sunday night, already beyond when I would normally go to bed and I am dreading the fact that tomorrow is Monday and I have to spend the day away from her. Luckily for me it is a short week followed by a long weekend that will hopefully be filled with even more surprises and lots of love, snuggles, and giggles.
Mmm, toe jam. 
What'd they say about my abs? Look at this trick...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

oh hello blog

Gosh, has it been a million years since my last post? It sure feels like it. My days are so busy that by the time I come home all I've been wanting to do is snuggle and play with my ridiculously adorable baby. Unfortunately I do not mean my blog, so it gets neglected.
But I'm back (well at least for today) and just in time for taking back Tuesday!
Oh that face! That was the first time I ever saw my sweet baby girl's face completely free of the intubation. She was extubated on her 6th day of life. I remember that day VERY clearly. We were so excited and so nervous that it wouldn't work and they would need to intubate her again. They prepared us that most likely that would be the case. Boy did she prove them wrong.
This little face is a picture of a picture. I was not there when they took the tube out, but her NICU nurse snapped a picture for me before they replaced it was an even more facial invasive CPAP mask. When he handed me this picture at my next visit, I broke down in to tears. She was perfect! It would be several, like a lot, more days before I would ever see her face completely free of anything.
Flash forward 7+ months and take a look at that face now!

Yea, so I'm a big girl. No biggie. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

oh life is a changing

I'm sitting here on a Friday night. Just me and Avery. Bill is working. I decided to get a few things done so I turned on some kid's show called Yo Yo Gabba. Avery loves anything with music and lights. Well apparently this show is a totally hoot cause she is laying on the floor playing, watching it, and cracking up. I on the other hand can't get over how ridiculous it is and came to the realization that my Friday nights have drastically changed.  I wouldn't have it any other way.
Luckily for me I am getting a glimpse in to my past tomorrow. A few of my girl friends and I are doing a girl's day. Pedicure, treats, dinner and a hotel room where I'm sure we'll have the best of intention to stay up late talking but will all probably take advantage of our children free night.  I'm ever so slightly stressed about leaving Avery for the first time over night. Well not including the 94 other nights I left her...we don't count those. This will be Bill's first time being responsible for overnight duties. He might be more nervous than me...I know we'll all be fine and I can't wait to catch up with my girls!
Well I think Aves might be YoYo'd out and ready to eat and go to bed.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Thanks Auntie Erin for my bumbo. I'm almost strong enough to sit in it like a big girl. In the meantime I'll just continue looking super cute trying.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

you grow girl

So today's taking it back is a little different. There's no before picture from back in the day. My mom gave me this onesie Avery is wearing when I was admitted to the hospital on bed rest.  I looked at it every day and every day encouraged Avery to "grow girl." And she did. I mean not a whole lot when she was still in my belly but boy has she since then. I remember looking at that onesie after Avery was born and thinking she would NEVER be able to wear it. Ta-da!