Tuesday, June 12, 2012

catching up.

Gosh we have been busy. Lots of weekend trips to MT to celebrate my friend Mary's graduation from the MBA program, a long weekend visit with my family and throwing a baby shower for Avery's future friend, Baby B. Add working full time on top of that and being mom and of course the first thing that goes is my dear blog. Sorry blog. I love you but you are the easiest thing to neglect on my busy days. So let's recap what miss Avery has been up to these days. 
Well, she is officially on the move. No crawling. Or even scooting. She rolls to get around. The other day I left her in the living room to go put some dishes in the kitchen and when I came back she was not where I left her. Instead I found her like this:

She is really in to smelling things and was sniffing the couch. Such a weird thing but also really silly. 
We had a follow up nephrologist appointment last week. It is quite the event. Start the day with an at home urine collection. Props to this mommy who successfully completed the task this go around. The first time they had me do it I "successfully" managed to collect maybe 1/16 tsp. of urine and manage to splash about half of that on my face. It was a much better, much cleaner experience this time. She had labs drawn, an ultrasound done, and a visit with the doctor and she did the whole thing with a huge smile on her face. The ultrasound tech gave her Baby Of the Day award since she just laid there, smiling and giggling while the tech did her thing. Obviously this isn't her first rodeo. 
So the good news....one kidney stone down, one to go! And the one that is left is smaller than it was 3 months ago. It appears as if they will not be a long term, reoccurring thing. We go back in 6 months for another follow up. 
Avery was weighed last week and only put on 2 oz in the last month, but grew 1.5 inches. So that means in the past 2 months she has put on 9 oz and grew 3.5 inches. Long and skinny. Definitely NOT her momma's DNA. 
We've continued to slowly work on introducing solids. She's not really interested and since I'm not interested in opening a whole new feeding can of worms, we're just going to make it fun so hopefully some day she'll love food!
Other then that, life is good. Our days are full of lots of love, smiles, giggles and cuddles. I don't know how it gets any better, but some how each day does. 
In the car again. 
Oh ya, I turned 8 months
Road block. 
My new hat. 
Big girl. 

Mega star.  
so happy. 
Oh hello
Turtle on her back

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