Tuesday, May 15, 2012

oh hello blog

Gosh, has it been a million years since my last post? It sure feels like it. My days are so busy that by the time I come home all I've been wanting to do is snuggle and play with my ridiculously adorable baby. Unfortunately I do not mean my blog, so it gets neglected.
But I'm back (well at least for today) and just in time for taking back Tuesday!
Oh that face! That was the first time I ever saw my sweet baby girl's face completely free of the intubation. She was extubated on her 6th day of life. I remember that day VERY clearly. We were so excited and so nervous that it wouldn't work and they would need to intubate her again. They prepared us that most likely that would be the case. Boy did she prove them wrong.
This little face is a picture of a picture. I was not there when they took the tube out, but her NICU nurse snapped a picture for me before they replaced it was an even more facial invasive CPAP mask. When he handed me this picture at my next visit, I broke down in to tears. She was perfect! It would be several, like a lot, more days before I would ever see her face completely free of anything.
Flash forward 7+ months and take a look at that face now!

Yea, so I'm a big girl. No biggie. 

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